New Administrators

I am pleased to announce that during the next few months the administration of Kisiizi Orphans is being handed over to David and Alison Candlin. David was a member of the working party in 2000 when fourteen Greyfriars members visited Kisiizi; it was his question of ‘how can we help you long term?’ that ultimately led to the establishment of Kisiizi Orphans. Alison is a paediatric nurse who has also visited Kisiizi.

The last seventeen years have provided me with a steep learning experience and letting ‘my baby ‘go is not easy but, as in any parenting situation, it is  essential for the development and growth of the operation .

During the last seventeen years period electronic communication has come the norm and, the easiest way to contact David and Alison is to continue to use the address.  Postings will also be made on and our facebook page.


Some statistics for the last seventeen years include:

293 children completed  education supported through us (another 335 currently being supported)

22 sent to university (BA or BSc courses)

17 sent to nursing courses

170 have taken vocational courses, currently 13 are training as nursery or primary school teachers;                                            others have taken courses in Agriculture, hairdressing, plumbing, electrical installation, motor mechanis, shoe making, tailoring, and brick laying to name just a few.


Thank you all for your wonderful support of this work, without you all  none of this would have happened. Of course my thanks also go to David and Alsion for agreeing to carry on this work.

I remain friend and supporter of Kisiizi Hospital