Vocational Courses

Kisiizi Orphans have supported students through a diverse list of vocational courses however the most popular are:

Accountancy Nursery Teaching

Business Administration Nursing

Brick laying and cement work Secretarial work

Car Mechanics Social work

Catering Stores Management

Electrical installation Teaching

Hairdressing Tropical agriculture

We send students to a variety of suitable centres including Rwampala Farm School and Canon Beatrice. A popular centre is the AICM Vocational school in Kabale. This school is run by a past Bishop of the Church of Uganda, who studied in Reading! They have their own driving school because as the Bishop says you can’t test a car’s mechanics unless you know how to drive one as well!

Carpentry workshop at AICM Kabale

Carpentry workshop at AICM Kabale

For students who have failed to get a P7 qualification at primary school we have paid for apprenticeships at local garages or hair dressing salons.

Once qualified the real struggle comes when finding a job. We help where we can by providing sewing machines and material or enabling a hairdresser to buy a start up set of supplies. A hairdresser in Reading has offered to donate some practical equipment to a new tailoring and hairdressing school we are supporting.

On our last visit, Lucky, who had a job as a mechanic said although he had the opportunity he had no tools so we bought him some!

Lucky Lucky with his tools 

Lucky Lucky with his tools!

Recently we sent students to University to study Information technology, Computer science and Ethics and Human rights. A Christian based university, Mukono, has a campus in Kabale where students can take more business orientated courses. It has good facilities is friendly and affirming.

The library at Bishop Barham campus Kabale  

The library at Bishop Barham campus Kabale

Computer science and Ethics and human rights are courses at Makerre University Kampala. Mbarra  also has a university and a medical school where we send students.