In Kampala there are a number of young people who have received support from Kisiizi Orphans and they recognise that for them this is also  a time to pay something back.

I met with three of the founder members last February and their goal to sponsor a child in Kisiizi has almost come to fruition.

This group are also a really good  support group for each other and for new students coming to Kamapala for the first time in order to study .

In addition today I heard of another young man, who has stayed in Kisiizi studying with the school of nursiing, and he is wanting to collect follow up stories on other past members of the sponsorship programme. I hope to publish them here and document what in his words is

"the impact the sponsorship had on they lives and how they went through,the impact /how kisiizi hospital has benefited, the community and Uganda at large". 

Watch this space!