student reports now distributed

Most of you who sponsor children should now have receievd reports about their progress and about their plans for the year ahead:

Taking into account those leaving the scheme and those joining we are maintaining our level of support at around 325 children.

Among those successfully completing their education this year we have:

Eli who was awarded a 2.1 degree from Makere Business school.

Gideon who came top in his year at Kisiizi School of Nursing

Joshua who achieved certificate in journalism

Jotham and Florence who both achieved their grade 3 teacher’s certificate

Kenneth who was awarded his certificate in catering and hotel management

Moreen who has a certificate in tailoring

Hebert completed electrical installation

Mercy completed her course in Accountancy

Beteth and Immaculate who completed  secretarial courses


Courses that students have joined this year include:

Tailoring,  brick laying and concrete practice, hairdressing, store management, journalism, business administration, accountancy, agriculture, agrovet, nursing and one young man has done well enough to apply to medical school. From this impressive list I hope you will appreciate the difference that your help is making to these young people’s lives.  Kisiizi Partners  is most thankful for your support, as are the recipients.