Kisiizi Schools

We have some schools in the Kisiizi area that we work closely with, many of you have requested some more insight as to what it is like for 'your child' at these schools, so here goes. 

Kisiizi Hospital School

Originally built to provide good education for hospital employees, the school now has a large intake. It has good brick buildings built alongside a large level playing field used for football and netball.  The school hall is used regularly by the local community. The school boasts an impressive computer lab with equipment originally supplied by the University of Reading. Other specialist resources include a sewing room and wood working. Recently boarding accommodation has been added. 

The hospital would like to see the site adapted to enable teaching for certain disabled groups.

Ikona Hillside School

Like the name suggests it is on a (steep) hillside, I’m afraid this and Kisiizi parents school would be closed down by British standards of health and safety for access! However the children run happily and deftly up and down the slopes. Building is ongoing but there is good provision for water and solar panels for electricity. Boarding accommodation has also been recently added, beds all neatly covered in the blankets we issue.


Kisiizi Parents School

This school is a short walk away from the hospital (up the hill towards Kisiizi Upper). We arrived on our latest visit as the children were having their mid morning break with posho (a kind of watery maize drink)


A wave from our sponsored children, Alex, the director and the headmistress.


New boarding accommodation in progress.


Aunt Jollies School 

This school is the furthest away from Kisiizi and it too is built on a hillside!! But they do have some steps to use.


Like all schools the ‘bell’ for classes is rung by hitting on old wheel hub.




Bwanga High School 

The buildings are not so good, but the site is level! And it rains sometimes!
For a secondary school they are seriously lacking in resources, particularly for teaching science.


The chemistry stocks!


Rubirizi Secondary School

A twenty minute walk along the valley from Kisiizi hospital is the village of Rubirizi and the secondary school. The school has benefitted from government grants following USE and from private foreign donations from supporters who have got to know the school through working at the hospital.

IMBASS college and St Peters secondary school are our other preferred secondary schools