What we do.

In 2001 , during a visit to Kisiizi Hospital in South west Uganda, a rural and remote centre of clinical excellence, we asked how we could best help them in the work that they do. The reply was please find us more people prepared to pay a relatively small monthly amount to pay for orphaned children to go to school sponsorship.

We set about this at the beginning of 2002 with a handful of sponsors, using the already established umbrella of the then Sponsor a Nurse charity now Kisiizi Partners. Slowly through word of mouth and prayer we have grown, currently supporting 350 children with around 200 direct sponsors. In order to attend school the children require a uniform, note books, pens and pencils.

Kisiizi Orphans financially support children who have lost one or both parents so that they can fully complete their education, both formal and vocational. This support often continues past the age of eighteen since before joining the scheme many have missed school to care for a sick relative or to help work on the land. In order to attend school the children require a uniform, note books, pens and pencils. As part of monthly donations Kisiizi Orphans provides each child with these essential school supplies. We also provide a mattress, lantern, paraffin, soap, clothes, and a Bible. We work closely with a group of local schools, chosen for their compassion and willingness to work with us and for good academic results. Government primary schools are generally poor with a few exceptions. The relatively recent introduction of universal secondary education in Uganda has enabled us to use government secondary schools and avoid expensive private schools. For information on the chosen schools follow this link.

This area of Uganda has traditionally been one of subsistence farming but with changing times it is becoming more important that our orphans finish their time with us with either a vocational skill or sufficient academic qualifications to enable them to get a job. For information on this work please follow this link.

Finally support and counselling is provided for all orphans through HOPE Ministries at Kisiizi Hospital. During vacations there is a gathering at Kisiizi where the children are fed, given time to talk to HOPE's staff, and receive extra schooling.