Abias is an orphan. Both her parents died of AIDS. Her younger brother and sister were taken into foster care but Abias stayed at home with her older brother. As a teenager she was abused by her brother and ran away from the family home. Now she is back, living alone in the run down family mud hut since the death of her older brother and younger sister. There are now four graves on the family land due to AIDS.

Abias however has been able to complete her education with the help of sponsorship. Her school fees, uniform, and notebooks were provided through monthly donations from her sponsor, costs Abias was unable to meet living alone.

Through the support of HOPE Ministries at Kisiizi Hospital and outside funding, Abias now has a new brick house built with the help of her local people and is better equipped to manage the family land. Sponsor an Orphan has provided Abias with the funding for vocational training in tailoring so that she has a skill she can use to earn an income.

This is just one example of how, with your help we can make a difference.